Robert Meaton
The firm’s founder Robert Meaton began his career as a pilot in the RAF. Whilst still a serving officer he completed his Law degree at Queen Mary College in London. After resigning his commission he became articled to a firm in the West End of London. Upon qualification he worked at a firm of solicitors in Cheltenham and became a partner and eventually the managing partner of that firm. In 1992 he moved to Manchester and worked for Glaisyers and then Colemans solicitors as head of their Commercial Property Division. Thereafter he went to work as an in-house lawyer including as Senior Counsel at Concept Auto, a large Anglo–American Company, and as Senior Litigation Solicitor at Interbrew/Stella.

Robert (pictured left) started his own firm, Robert Meaton & Co, in 2005. Since its inception the firm has steadily expanded and now is a thriving practice with clients across the North West and beyond.

Unfortunately Robert passed away peacefully in December 2012 but his legacy continues with the work done at Robert Meaton & Co.

Robert used this experience to set the foundations of a firm that truly believes in offering a pragmatic, client focussed service, believing that the firm should never grow so big that the clients would get forgotten. Using these beliefs as a foundation, we deliver an innovative, yet practical, forward thinking approach to legal services, with an approachability and personal touch, driven by the determination to not only meet, but exceed your needs and expectations. We listen, and deliver.

We pride ourselves on our truly transparent legal service, using the latest technology to ensure that you can be kept up to date with the latest developments in your matter, providing you with the best service possible.

One of the cornerstones of our service is our Online Tracking System, which provides true e-commerce to our clients and third party associates in a timely manner which is convenient for them. Through our systems, you can have 24/7 computer access to your case so that you can see how your case is progressing, wherever you are, at whatever time suits you. We also have the facility for you to make payments online, providing a faster and more secure method of transferring funds without having to rely on the postal system or cheque clearance.

These systems mean that Robert Meaton & Co are ideally suited to working for demanding clients on time-critical matters, in a highly competitive marketplace.

At a time when many businesses and law firms have not succeeded, Robert Meaton & Co has continued to grow, whilst maintaining services for businesses and individuals that are truly client focussed. If you are looking for a law firm that will put you first, that you can trust to deal with your matters in your best interests then Robert Meaton & Co is the law firm for you.