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Debt Collection

Unfortunately not everyone pays money when it’s due, and sometimes not at all!

Many business failures are due to non-payment of trade debts resulting in cash-flow problems.

Are your bad debts in danger of ruining you or your business? Can you afford to let them lie on your books for months on end? Are bad debts stopping you from progressing? Effective collection of debts and credit control are vital to any business and its future prosperity. It is essential to have:

  • Proper credit control; and
  • The right legal advice and support for personal and commercial collection of bad debts.

We are experienced in efficient debt collection and the service is available for individuals, small businesses and larger corporate clients. We can deal with cases on a one-off basis for either commercial or personal debt collection service, however special discounted rates are available by negotiation for bulk commercial debt litigation.

We are particularly adept at dealing with debtors for factoring clients, where speed of processing is particularly important.

Whatever the reason, whether you’re a private individual, a small business with a single debt or a large company with many debtors, we can act quickly and efficiently to recover what is owed to you with our personal or commercial debt collection services.

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