Just Ask Law

All in one legal services for businesses.

According to research completed for the Legal Services Board of 9,703 small to medium enterprises, in the last twelve months, they have each had to deal with, on average, 9 legal matters. Each of these matters has an average value of £1,200, which means that each company spends an average of £10,800 on legal services per year.

It is with this research that Robert Meaton & Co has put together Just Ask Law, an all in one legal service for businesses.

We have found that many legal issues that businesses face on a daily basis can often be avoided with accurate legal advice beforehand, which is then followed. However, businesses we have spoken to have told us repeatedly that they do not want to pick up the phone to their solicitor as they worry about getting a huge legal bill at the end.

Just Ask Law is designed to help you run and protect your business from a legal standpoint, covering all aspects of law that you are likely to run into, from staff issues such as disciplining an employee, through to debt collection, contract disputes, or even writing your terms and conditions for the business. These are just a few of the many ways that we can help you.

For a monthly fee, you will receive the following benefits:

Feature Benefit
Fixed Pricing Providing you with cost certainty and savings
Qualified solicitors You know you are getting accurate legal advice from people who know the law
Complete Service Scope One place to go for all of your legal needs
Unlimited access Call as much as you need without worrying about being billed by the hour
24/7 secure access to your case files via our website Check what is going on at your convenience, not ours
Annual Contract Provides you with certainty without tying you in for too long
Flexible payment options You can budget for legal expenses without having any nasty surprises
Business Intelligence Be kept up to date with changes to the law that will affect your business, by email or letter (your choice!)
10% off conveyancing for you and your employees We not only look after you and your business, but your employees as well
Quarterly Legal Reports See exactly what we have done every three months and what that would have cost you if you were not part of Just Ask Law.

If you are interested in Just Ask Law for your business, please contact Nicola Humfress on nicolahumfress@rmandco.co.uk or click here for a bespoke quote for your business.