Social Media Law

In today’s world we use the internet for almost everything, from finding the nearest restaurant to finding a house to buy and much more. The beauty of this is that as a business we can use the internet to put ourselves out there so potential clients can find us, removing the need for all business to come from word of mouth and recommendations. However, this does mean it can have a negative impact on our business, as now more and more people are going online to leave reviews about businesses, products and services.

This can lead to false accusations being made online, in which case, what do you do about it? The potentially damaging review, which is false in it’s accusations, could lose you a great deal of business, as it is no longer just someone’s social circle that will see the review, potentially thousands of people, or potential customers, could see it.

Here at Robert Meaton & Co, we can help you navigate the difficulties faced in getting a false or defamatory statement removed from the social media platform as well as recouping any loss of business that may have been suffered.

Social media law is also applicable when it comes to your employees in the business. It is becoming increasingly more important for businesses to have specific social media policies in place for staff, as although their Facebook accounts may be private, if they state where they work, then anything that they post could be potentially damaging to the business and you could result in a loss of business because of it.

The areas of social media law that we can advise on are:

- Employment law and social media,
- Defamation and privacy.
- Risk management.
- Social media policies for the workplace.
- Confidentiality, brand protection and reputation management.
- Disclosure and use of social media in Dispute Resolution.
- Use of blogs and endorsement of tweets.

At Robert Meaton & Co, we know how to manage the various risks of social media, utilising relevant policies, terms and conditions and other tools. If you are looking for help in regards to social media law, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.