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Landlord and Tenant Law – Private Clients

We can advise on all aspects of landlord and tenant law whether you are a landlord or tenant. We can prepare tenancy agreements, arrange the correct service of notices if you wish to end the tenancy, advise on respective landlords’ and tenants’ responsibilities and how to deal with difficult tenants or bad landlords.

Renting residential property

As a tenant you have certain rights under several pieces of legislation e.g. the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, The Housing Act 1996, The Protection From Eviction Act 1977.  Examples of these rights  include - your landlord must not neglect the premises, cannot turn up at your property without notice, force you to leave by threats or induce you to stay by the offer of money.

The majority of tenants sign up to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. These can only be granted to individuals (not companies) and must be for a minimum of 6 months initial period.

Letting residential property

The governing law is the Housing Act 1996 and the majority of residential lettings will be Assured Shorthold Tenancies (‘AST’) although there other types of letting to suit particular circumstances. We can produce a standard AST (for landlord and tenant law) letting agreement for you at a very competitive price.

For landlords we can offer advice on the following:

  • Assured Shortholds and other tenancies
  • Rent reviews/rent arrears
  • Issuing proceedings for the possession of premises
  • Disputes between landlord and tenants
  • Recovery of possession
  • Removal of unauthorised occupants

Contact:  Andrew Davies