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PPI Claims

If you have taken out a loan, a mortgage, hire purchase or a new credit card in the past six years there is good chance that you were sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) at the same time, as approximately 7 million PPI policies are sold each year. You may be due compensation, possibly of many thousands of pounds, if this insurance was mis-sold to you.

PPI is designed to protect your repayments should you become ill or unemployed.  However if the seller did not give you all the correct information or make checks on your eligibility our specialist claims solicitors may be able to help you make a claim on the basis that the insurance was mis-sold. Examples include:

• You were not employed, newly employed or working part time
• You were told it was a condition of getting the loan
• The loan was cancelled or paid off early
• The terms and conditions were not sent in writing
• It was not explained to you that the insurance did not cover the entire period of the loan

Our Payment Protection Insurance PPI claim solicitors have a successful track record in handling PPI claims.