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Wills & Probate


Robert Meaton and Co. provide a cost-effective will-writing service. Each will is tailor made to the client.

For larger estates we can provide advice and guidance relating to estate planning and taxes and can also refer clients for independent financial advice where this is appropriate.

For added peace of mind we can register the will with The firm is a charter member of this scheme that operates a national will register and search facility. The scheme is completely confidential – only the location and not the details of the will are held. If we draw up your will it can be registered for a modest charge of only £10 + VAT. We can also register a will made elsewhere for only £25, however if this was not made recently or your have had any major life changes we would advise a will review first.

We can provide expert legal assistance in every aspect of making a will or arranging your estate.

Our legal services include all matters regarding:

  • wills
  • probate
  • trusts
  • applications to the Court of Protection
  • administration of estates
  • enduring powers of attorney
  • general inheritance planning


We offer a complete probate service thus relieving you of what can be an onerous task at a time when you have lost someone close to you. Once you have handed over all necessary paperwork we will do the rest, for example: collecting in the estate, obtaining a grant of probate, submitting an Inheritance Tax return, settling the debts of the estate, paying out to the beneficiaries, arranging the sale of assets, or advising on minimising liability for Inheritance Tax. We believe in dealing with probate matters in as timely a manner as possible; often closure cannot be achieved until the deceased affairs are settled.

Living Wills

Although there is no legal definition of a “next of kin” we all know what it has come to mean – those closest to us through blood or legal relationships i.e. marriage. This means that for cohabitants, a next of kin could be a child or a parent, but not one’s partner.

If you are a cohabitant, it doesn’t matter if you have lived with your partner for 1 year or 20 years – you are not a recognised next of kin. Sadly, in life threatening situations, difficult decisions have to be made, and your partner is not entitled to be consulted. You can change this by making a Living Will, appointing your partner a healthcare proxy.

Also, anyone can use a Living Will to express a wish about the medical treatment one wants to receive in the event of being unable to do so personally.

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